“I have employed many cleaning services over the decades in a variety of locales, but Sabine’s is hands down the best. In the six years or so they’ve cleaned my 3,300 sf Bainbridge Island home I’ve never had cause to complain. They are the best communicators. I have a fixed time slot every two weeks, but despite that they always email a couple days ahead to confirm their ETA.  Then they show up on time, cheerful, friendly, in force and happy to be greeted by my exuberant dog. Their work is thorough, efficient, trustworthy and quick. They are always respectful of our possessions and responsive to special requests. I would recommend them to anyone with it reservation.”

Asha Rehnberg
Bainbridge Island

“Sabine’s team has been our cleaners of choice for over a decade….. and I think we keep them, the team is thorough, dependable, efficient and friendly – well pleased.”

Sue Gitsch
Poulsbo, WA

“Sabine has managed the cleaning of our school campus for 5 years. Her staff is prompt and professional. The work is always done to our satisfaction. Sabine is responsive to our calendar and special needs. Excellent at communicating any changes, needs, or concerns.”

Renee Kok
Bainbridge Island

“I try to make it a point to provide feedback to those professionals I come across in my life that do extraordinary work. Most often in our daily comings and goings the people we run across are perfectly friendly, helpful and well meaning,on occasion however you run across someone who goes above and beyond all expectation and becomes a shining light of professionalism and efficiency; you are that person. You and your crew have been consummately responsible, reliable, thorough and friendly. Your standards are infinitely higher than the average cleaning service and your efficiency and willingness to grant special requests borders on superhuman!

“I am grateful for the day I got a referral to you from my neighbor and I exuberantly recommend you to anyone in need of cleaning services. Bravo to you, keep up the good work!”

Linda Jewett
Bainbridge Island

“Sabine’s Lifestyle is a well-run and effective operation.  Before each appointment, Sabine sends a reminder when her team will arrive, and in fact they knock on the door pretty much to the minute.  The crew is friendly, energetic, and focused on the work while also willing to share a few friendly minutes with our yellow lab and me.  They clearly enter with a game plan and a matching spirit of teamwork.  Friendly as they are, they are here to take care of business.  They spread out through the house not missing a thing.  My husband appreciates that the commercial style stovetop goes from greasy and crusty to looking new again.  I am grateful for the work they put into our rough, porous flagstone floors. It’s tough work, but they take it in stride.

“When we started with Sabine, she came for the first several visits to evaluate our home and clean.  She still periodically returns with her crew providing instruction and, I surmise, making sure that the work performed remains up to her high standards.

“Sabine and crew are also super alert to anything out of the ordinary.  For example, Aprille brought to my attention that an antique box I recently purchased housed a little colony of wood eating bugs that would have spread to our bookshelves and beyond if left in place.

“Sabine’s employees are adept handling our alarm system, and when we are out of town I never worry that they will be operating it.  In fact, it gives us peace of mind knowing they have eyes on the place.  We trust them completely.

“Organized, efficient, friendly and truly experts in the science of cleaning!  It is a delight to whole-heartedly recommend Sabine’s Lifestyle.”

Susan Mackay
Bainbridge Island

“As a perfectionist (one of my lawyerly traits), I have had cleaners over the years who did not meet my expectations.  I volunteered to write this recommendation for Sabine because she and her crew have met and even at times exceeded my expectations. It’s a wonderful experience!  I am a relatively new client at only four months, but I am very impressed.  Sabine’s team members are all pleasant, professional and very hard workers. They do detailed cleaning and when they leave, everything looks spectacular.  After our latest remodel, our house desperately needed a good deep clean so I called Sabine.  With Sabine and her crew, we are now back on top of things, and they did such a great job that they are now our regular cleaners.  I love what I call “Team Tornado” – three or four workers all at the same time.  Even in retirement my husband and I have busy professional lives, working from our home offices, and we have always tired of the usual all-day process with a single cleaning person.  With a team, these people are quickly in and out of the house, leaving it looking ready for a photo shoot.  We give a resounding shout-out for Sabine and her Team Tornado!”

Linda Young
Bainbridge Island

“We have used Sabine’s Lifestyle since 2002, through multiple construction projects, both seasonal and permanent occupancy, for ourselves, as well as friends and family.  Sabine’s Lifestyle has been absolutely consistent in the quality of work, flexibility, integrity; all with an acute sense of propriety and respect for our privacy. We are happy to recommend this fine organization.”

Johnna and Fred Kleisner
Bainbridge Island

“Sabine’s Lifestyle changed my life. I didn’t know if I could afford it, but now I know that this is an important part of balance in my life. Thank you Sabine! This was the best decision ever.”

Anonymous and Heart-Felt

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