Cleaning Services

Our extensive training program, weekly team meetings and following our business philosophy provides for you a consistent, high-quality cleaning experience.

Our cleaning standard list includes but is not limited to the following. We also offer hourly custom cleanings. Minimum four hours per visit.


  • Clean major appliance exteriors (gas burners, remove all parts)
  • Clean microwave – interior & exterior
  • Clean in detail sinks, faucets and drains
  • Clean counters, back splash (move all items / wipe items)
  • Clean table and chairs
  • Clean window sills, touch up glass (windows/slider doors)
  • Empty trash and replace liner
  • Clean floors (hand mop)
  • Dust light fixtures
  • Dust wall hangings, remove cobwebs
  • Wipe doors, handles & light switches
  • Wipe baseboards
  • Wipe cabinet faces
  • Check walls – clean as needed
  • Check all trim work – clean as needed
  • Clean outside of hood


  • Clean tub, shower door and inside of shower
  • Clean toilets in/out, base and behind
  • Clean cabinet faces
  • Clean counter top (move all items and wipe items), sinks and faucets in detail
  • Clean mirrors
  • Dust window sills
  • Dust wall hangings, remove cobwebs, check ceiling vents
  • Fold and hang towels neatly
  • Empty trash and replace liner
  • Clean floors (hand mop)
  • Extra attention to shower & bath
  • Wipe baseboards
  • Check walls – clean as needed
  • Wipe doors, handles light switches
  • Check all trim work – clean as needed
  • Dust light fixtures

Dining Room / Living Areas / Bedrooms

  • Vacuum/dust upholstered furniture – as needed – remove sofa cushions
  • Dust lamps and lamp shades
  • Dust furniture and collectibles (move items)
  • Dust picture frames, wall hangings
  • Dust window sills, check / wipe  all trim work as needed
  • Clean mirrors and glass surfaces, touch up smudges on glass doors and windows
  • Empty trash and replace liner
  • Clean floors (vacuum rugs & wall to wall carpet, vacuum bare flooring, mop)
  • Remove cobwebs, dust fans and air returns
  • Wipe doors & light switches
  • Wipe baseboards
  • Make beds (linens changed upon request)
  • Straighten up as we go
  • Maintain blinds

Floor Cleaning Throughout

  • Vacuum wall to wall carpet
  • Vacuum rugs (fold smaller rugs)
  • Vacuum all bare flooring
  • Mop all bare flooring
  • Under and behind furniture as possible

Special Request Services

  • Clean inside refrigerator
  • Clean inside oven
  • Clean inside cabinets
  • Detail clean blinds
  • Change linens
  • Inside stove cooking vent hood / remove filters
  • Removing inside screens (clean screens and space between window and screen)

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